Dedicated to the service of superyachts up to 70 metres.

Thanks to its impressive facilities, the square meters of yard and quays, the numerous department, technical office, engineers, skilled shipwrights and last-generation equipment, this Shipyard offers any kind of services for yachts ranging from 18 Mt to 70 Mt.

Surface areas

  • Yard: 32.000 sq. m
  • Winter storage: 27.000 sq. m, 4.500 of which on galleries
  • Mooring dock: 500 meters for 50 berths for vessels up to 70 meters
  • Uffici: 1.600 sq. m
  • 2 hauling and launch basins for yachts up to 70 meters
  • Climate controlled painting room for hulls up to 35 meters
  • Spares warehouse: 1,200 sq. m


  • 820 tons travel lift
  • 160 tons travel lift
  • Crane to lift yachts up to 20 tons
  • 5 overhead cranes to lift yachts up to 20 tons
  • 6 hydraulic lifts of: 20, 40, 60, 160, 350 and 800 tons

Want to visit us rapidly and comfortably?
You can land here!

We have a new and exclusive service for those Owners who wish to reach us: an helipad inside the large Shipyard in Via Indonesia. It is indeed now possible to visit your yacht landing by helicopter directly here, in total privacy and avoiding traffic annoyances.