SNO’ activities are divided into several working departments each one referring to engineers and technicians who are in charge of making diagnosis regarding the faults on board and of supplying drawings and projects for all Service and Refit works.

Each department is fitted with state-of-the-art systems and equipment which were found compliant to the most stringent international standards of quality with reference to the environment and safety in the workplace.

Metal carpentry

The skilled and qualified personnel, with the aid of last generation machineries, manufactures items, perform modification and repairs on hulls and superstructures in steel and lightweight alloys. Thanks to the cooperation with American firms as Pipewelders, our technicians acquired the expertise to us special patented welding techniques of anodized aluminium, that are also used for the construction of tuna towers and handrails.

Carpentry – Woodwork

The department (600 sq. m) is manned by experienced shipwrights who can carry out any kind of cabinetry works and from building to repair and modifications of furniture on projects. Skilled master carpenters build and refurbish any part of the hull: teak decks, capping rails, planking and structures. All of this with top-quality finishing.

Mechanic Workshop

Qualified mechanics perform replacement and servicing of the propulsion lines with propeller shafts alignment, propellers balancing and works on shaft and rudders supports.

Engines and mechatronics

Our mechanics have annually renewed certifications of specialisation issued by Manufacturers. They make diagnosis and performance analysis, as well as, repairs, general replacement and servicing of engine and propulsion mechanisms by means of the most sophisticated tools.

Electronics – Navionics – Automation

This department is specialised in the installation and maintenance of the most complex on board electronic equipment for telecommunication and navionics. Our technicians build integrated automation systems for the management of all board systems and they provide assistance and repair works on all equipment installed.

Electric workshop

Our electrician can work on any board system, both concerning cables and electrical or electro mechanic accessories, delivering top-quality repairs or building brand new systems with the aid of the most technologically advanced diagnosis and analysis instruments.

Painting room

Our painters are professionally trained by the manufacturers of the best paint brands on the market. They perform all works required to prepare the yacht for painting works: complete or targeted paintworks for yachts up to 70 meters made in steel, wood, lightweight alloys and fiberglass. The painting of the yacht is performed in working environments that comply to the temperature and humidity parameters with low emissions filters. All works are covered by warranty.

Fiberglass department

This department performs any repair and modification in epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester inside climate and humidity controlled environments with hand-roll and vacuum infusion techniques.

Tube department

This department performs repair, modifications and regeneration of pneumatic crafts.


With a surface of over 1,600 square meters and more than 30,000 items of the most popular brands, our warehouse can execute almost every request in real time. Each item is encoded and catalogued in order to be immediately spotted and delivered by our staff or directly by the customer.