Refitting and


Our technical office, with the collaboration of Registry Authorities, manages the any refit operation, both on professional and leisure crafts made in steel, lightweight alloys, composites and wood ,coordinating the works and providing drawings, renderings and other technical information. The work orders are carefully monitored in all their aspects, starting from the structural, instrumental and systems design to the aesthetic features and on board safety. The project managers can discuss with the owner himself, the captain or the owner's project manager, according to the customer ‘s request.


One of our successful activities is refurbishment of yachts interior, regardless of their dimensions. Over the years many yachts underwent refurbishment, as it was the case of a Cabo 44 HTX which completely changed its layout: the three cabins were transformed into two cabins with the addition of a new and comfortable dinette with a galley built from scratches. Also a 27mt. Bugari of the Nineties underwent a complete restyling which made it more comfortable and operational, without sacrificing its vintage charm. And then again a 46mt. Sanlorenzo, a 40mt Sunseeker and many more yachts that are stored inside our facilities where we work with designers and qualified personnel to build almost all components required to give new life to yachts in-house.