Service and storage of yachts up to 55 feet.

The Shipyard in Via Madagascar, besides standard storage operations, is fitted with several departments such as carpentry, metal workshop, upholstery, metal carpentry, paint, a mechanic and an electric workshop in order to perform refit operations on yacht of average dimensions up to 53 feet.

Surface areas

  • Yard: 4.500 sq. m
  • Storage area ground floor: 3.300 sq. m
  • Storage area on gallery: 1.850 sq. m
  • Mooring dock: 80 linear meters
  • Spares warehouse: 200 sq. m


  • electric crane to lift yachts up to 40 tons
  • 2 hydraulic lift to move vessels up to 20 tons
  • 2 overhead cranes to lift vessels up to 10 tons